Chamber trucks,six shooter wheels, maytec motors, crispy battery etc

I’m accepting reasonable offers. *

*The battery had 10 cycles on it from me,it was a “Demo” before but I don’t know the true history. I was getting tired and quitting at 45 miles and the pack still says 30%. You can see it melted the power lead off the battery. There are 2 vesc, 1 was on the board, one is never been installed. I also have an Ecomobl Et 1st gen for 500$ with low miles.

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Battery is kinda hard to tell tbh.

Interested in Chamber trucks and mounts

Ok everything except the battery is spoken for.

Did I get trucks, or someone else?

No I have a sale ahead of you, sorry. I’m hoping it falls through

Ok. Just curious what are they offering for trucks? Maybe I’d offer more…

Ok thanks for that

Just want trucks and mounts

can ship by Saturday or pick up sf Bay Area

Check email

Via fed ex,thanks

I’m posting a MetroboardX with 6” pneumatics , cloud wheels, and trampa 5” gummies for sale I’ll get pics up soon . $1725 shipped in the lower 48

Spinny s gone?

I Will get it ( them)shipped this week, I’ll send tracking when I get it