Change gear ratio moving from 83mm to 100mm?

running 83mm flywheel clones through the city and finding it pretty tough.

so, got some 100mm mbs all terrain wheels.

question is, the current 83mm wheels have the 36t wheel and 16t motor pulley.

moving up to 100mm wheels, should i drop the motor pulley down to like 13t to retain the torque? i’m going up pretty steep hills so need all the torque i can get.


I have the pulleys designed exactly for this purpose. I use them for MBS 100mm wheels and also 97mm abecs. Motor pulley is 15t and wheel pulley is 40t for 15mm belts.


ok so put the wheels on. definitely less torque. that top speed tho.

still enough power to get up the same hills but just a steady coast up instead of accelerating like the 83mm.

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I’m running 97mm abec clones on 16/36 teeth and its awesome.

I’m riding 100mm MBS wheels and use a 15/48 ratio, using the pulleys from @JuniorPotato93. I weigh about 220 pounds and get up hills quite good with a 10s LiPo single drive. Planning to do an AT build with this ratio, since torque and not topspeed is important to me.

Try this to get an overview:

Damn! That’s a lot of torque, but with only 34km/hr top speed you will want more very soon.

I have two boards with the same battery and motor KV, only difference is gearing ratio. The first one has 15/40T very torquey but lacks tops speed and 16/36T amazing top speed less torque on accelerations from dead stops.

The 15/40T has a very touchy torque in very low speeds, between 5 and 10km/hr you need to be smooth with the throttle, maximum torque happens beetwen 25-30km/hr however it happens really fast, you need to lean forward before it kicks in, and then it dies all the way up to 40km/hr, climbing slowly.

On the 16/36T the throttle down low is more controllable, you won’t get launched to the back, feels smoother and easier to control, however between 25 and 40km/hr you feel an amazing push on maximun motor efficiency, awesome torque and it doesn’t happen so violent at the former, but it pushes and pushes smoothly and consistently.