Change VESC 4.12 settings without USB (port broke off) [solved]

hey folks. I know that you can flash the VESC using a st232 programmer, but can you also change the settings using the pins on the VESC using the VESC tool?

im asking because my USB port broke off and i am absolutly not able to solder these tiny pins back on.

mine did too… 2 options that worked for me:

  • on a 2xVesc setup via the CAN-Bus (Click can-forward and set the correct vesc ID)
  • Via a HM-10 Bluetooth module. I use the version from @rpasichnyk witch uses the TCP-Bridge option.

hmm, the slave thing might work. to bad i dont have a vesc with older firmware left :frowning:

ive got the ackmaniac version on it so changing Amp settings or so is easy, but if i ever want to use different batteries or motor, i have a problem

Maybe Mr P ( @Pimousse :angel: ) could help you … (not sure yet)

I’d say the same as @bevilacqua.

There is also a third (tricky) method :
Use a specific BLE module, flash it with Vedder’s code through STLink and use VESC Tool (linux only) wirelessly. This is a beta and a pretty new feature. More info here :

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the vesc whose usb port you can use to connect to the other one (via CAN) does not have to be flashed with the same software.

sweet. thx alot guys :slight_smile: