Changing Capacitors/Crystals


I recently opened up my brothers car radio and noticed a few brown leakage stains around the capacitors/ crystals. Was wondering that since the caps are 3300µF and 16V, I couldn’t find them at my local Microcenter, but I did find 3300µF 25V at 105°. I watched from EEV that I should get low esr caps. Would that work out? Also I am not sure if the crystals are also leaking as I saw a stain around them, or it could be from the nearby capacitor.

I think thats just nasty looking glue to secure the through hole components

Or flux

The radio doesn’t turn on, but the lighting does turn on. Assuming the same thing happens with monitors not lighting up I assumed that would be the case here, with the first thing on my mind to check out the capacitors.

I’ll get some isopropyl alcohol and clean it up and see if that helps. Will need to see where to get a esr meter to see if the caps are in fact broke.

In the picture with the two big caps, that brownish stain spirals down the side of the capacitor

Just cause the caps and fets look good doesn’t mean they haven’t gone bad. I would start here.

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@smurf, do you know how to read the Numbering on the rectangular silver crystal? BTW that was a great read, I love how he listed more than one problem with a clear solution. I’m not sure why I couldn’t find that article earlier, maybe my search was to specific.

No I don’t and half the time the numbers don’t mean anything. I find it’s important to prevent any predictive search settings or not login