Changing from flip switch to push switch


Is there an easy way of turning this switch into a push switch with the 4 cables it has going to it?

IMG_20190421_172204 IMG_20190421_172217



we need more info. what is this switch for? how many positions does it have?

its for front and back lights, it was prewired when I got the board.

My guess is that the lights are wired directly to the battery with this switch in between (and maybe a step down or something), you could check by measuring the voltages.

If you can find a latching pushbutton that can handle the amps that your lights pull you could replace the switch.

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Thanks but how can I replace it with the 4 cables going to it ? Is it just a case of soldering the 2 + to the + on the switch and same with - or do I need to put the switch somewhere else?

Well probably the same as your old switch.

You connect the battery negative to the lights negative, then the battery positive to the button and the output of the button to the positive of your lights.

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