Changing shafts

To anyone who’s ever swapped motor shaft before. I’m in the process of swapping for a longer 8mm shaft on my 6355 motors and noticed the hex screw keep it in place is quite small (2mm). To avoid stripping either the hex nut or my wrench, how should I approach loosening this? It’s fastened there pretty tight and I’m fairly certain exerting much more force will result in stripping. Should I apply heat from my hot air gun first?

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Try with heat. There might be glue on the screw. If there’s no glue on it, you should let it cool down before trying to remove the screw

Btw I don’t know what hex tool you got. But I can recommend hex plus set if you don’t want to strip your screws

If done this too many times.

Place a damp towel or paper towel on the motor can to keep the magnets cold then blast the screws with a heat gun or direct open flame. Works every time.


nice thanks! i have a hot air soldering gun, I’ll use that

just heat it a little bit… no too much. and use a nice clean allen key the grub screw should come out easy. then use a wooden drift to knock the shaft out

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Tried this and was able to get 1 grub screw out, but the other is still really tight. I blasted it with 400 celcius of hot air for a good while.

Hmmm… stubborn one eh. Someone drilling it out is the only way @Jinra can you share a picture