Charge capacitors instead of brake chopper

Well i stumbled upon a time over the brake chopper, and just thought about the wasted energy when either braking without or with a brake chopper.

Since it is absolutely no problem to draw 50 amps + going up a hill, but only charging 10-20 amps while braking (bat max regen setting), there is very much energy lost due to heat because the VESC can’t charge / the battery cant handle this fast charging.

After i read this thread i asked myself, if its possible to use a capacitor bank instead of a light that will soak the power, to regain as much energy for acceleration after braking.

Has anyone had this idea or did some tests? I really this could be the best way for using brake energy, since the cap’s could be charged with much more power than the battery.

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Might be an interesting feature, though for the “absolute” safety the break chopper really is a plus imho. Even if your caps and battery were to be full, the break chopper just eats the excess.

How would you combine both solutions ?

If you going to use as just capacitor bank on power supply line you will have such high inrush current that something bad can happen on high Farad :smiley:


To me it looks like high amp little capacity battery might be better… though then again it might need to be right voltage and there it would get bulky…

Plus… how much energy is going to be put back / restored anyways?..

Plus, on topic about excess energy I think a smart move is not to fully charge the battery but that is another topic