Charge only bms

This may have been talked about before, but I couldn’t find anything. I got a charge only 10s bms. It says that you don’t use pin 1. I feel like I should connect it to the battery negative but I’m not sureScreenshot_20190710-113918_Chrome

depends how many wires are on the pigtail… i literally JUST installed a 12s one an hour ago… had 13 wires… first one goes to battery negative… if you only get 10 then u know what to do… i bet youll probably have 11 tho… on the pcb the slot without a line says battery negative…

Use a multimeter and check if there is continuity between common ground and that first pin. I bet they’re connected internally making that redundant.

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I didn’t even think of doing that

If you have d140 bms, and same amount of balance wires as S in your battery, start with first balance wire between 1st and 2nd group. That means, no balance wire goes on battery - . You can see that nothing is soldered on pcb where first balance wire should be.

I checked, they are both connected. So I guess it doesn’t matter. Although just as a precaution I’ll use it