Charge port, Connectors, | Easy to use | Idiot proof

Hi guys,

Do you have any tips for nice charge connectors? It should be idiot proof meaning that there is no way that you can blow up your ride by connecting it wrong :slight_smile:

I found this one but will gladly take any tips :slight_smile:

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No way u can plug this in wrong :smile:


Use the 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel connector

not to be confused with

do NOT use the 5.5mm x 2.5mm barrel connector


Hmm. Why not?

Same reason you wouldn’t buy an automobile that burns kerosene instead of gasoline.

If you stick to what everyone else is using for esk8, there are a lot of small ways your life will be easier but not one single huge way. Plus mixing and matching the wrong types together can be a fire hazard, and everything else is already the 2.1 variety.

one year later…

“Hey, I have this charger I’m selling for cheap. I don’t need it anymore. Do you want it?” “Hey, while out on this ride, you can use my charger if you need a little extra juice”

“I can’t. I have to use custom chargers nobody else uses”


Well I quess you could carry a adapter with you if you find regular need to borrow peoples chargers.

It does seem so that the 2,1mm barrel is the more popular one, but I’d rather use the 2,5mm as one would think it’s a bit more robust as a connector.

I use 5.5x2.1 for my 10s builds and 5.5x 2.5 for my 8s builds so I won’t mix them up accidentally and fuck my house up. I don’t know if the 2.5 one can plug into the 2.1 one but even if it does it’s at a lower voltage so I won’t overcharge.


Might still apply

“Hey I have this battery gauge in my pocket, need to check yours?” “Oh, I used the 2.5mm jack :frowning:

Pity about the jack’s they only hold for 5 amps, would be nice a better esk8 standard.

3 pin charge ports work pretty well too

I have a 5.5x2.1mm dc jack if u want just pay for shipping. I’m in the US. PM me if interested