Charge rates for Zippy's - Max Current?

Hey guys, I’m using 4x Zippy batteries and looking at getting either the booster for my graupner charger plus an extra graupner or the ultra power charger and just wondering what’s the maximum current I can charge the Zippy’s at? I normally just do them at 2A but that takes all night. This is how I intend to charge normally, but for when I want a quick charge, what’s the quickest you can get away with?

The UltraPower can do 15A apparently… is that too much for the Zippy’s?

One C is generally ok for most of the lipos. Some can up to 3C.

1C is good enough for me

1000 mAh = 1A

2500 mAh = 2.5A

1 000 000 mAh = 1000A (for “Big Boy packs”)

“CApitAlised so that @b264 doesn’t hAve a brAin Aneurysm”


mAh is milli-amp-hours. “mah” is milli-atto-hours


Wtf didn’t know atto was a thing until now

Do you mean you’re sleeping while your lipo are charging ? Oo Hope I’m wrong…

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Cool, so since I have 4x 6200mAh Zippy’s and that’s 24800 I could charge at 24.8A? That seems ridiculous to me be but hey ho, at least I know I could max out the UltraPower and still be ok…

I don’t charge overnight, but when I say “takes all night” I mean it takes 2x 2.5hr charges so if I start in the evening it’s not finished until I go the bed. It does worry me that so many people are so concerned about fire etc when charging. Is it really that common an issue still?

Charge at 1c…

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that might be not correct like this.

depends on how you connected them.

Parrallel adds up the Ah, serial connection not.

If you have 3S Lipos wired to a 12S it´s still 6200mAh.

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it´s an always present risk. if you handle batteries, doesn´t matter which, take responisbility. better save than sorry. be prepaired for everything.

that shouldn´t sound scary, just be aware and around when you charge and store your batteries in a save place if you don´t need them. have some things around to put out a fire just in case is never bad, doesn´t cost a lot and can save lifes!


This concerns me. You should know your battery config and how it is set up before even thinking of charging.

This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Ok, so it’s still 2 lots of 6200 then… So just 6.2A per side? My Graupner charger without booster only does 2A and I was told not to worry as that’s nowhere near the max for the batteries. I thought 24A sounded ridiculous, for a start you’d need 2 separate mains rings at 13A to power it, surely!

So 6.2A sounds much better, and still 3x as fast as I am CURRENTly charging (excuse the pun) hehe and so presumably with an UltraPower doing both sides I could realistically charge all 4 batteries in less than an hour. Super duper.

I appreciate your concern Friskies but what I’d really appreciate is a helpful answer, like Andy87’s. I don’t want to do any damage to me or my board hence asking on here first! :+1:

if you charge with 1C it´s always around 1hour charge time :wink:

(disclaimer…balancing and current ramping will add some time on top but as you usually also don´t fully discharge your packs that rule is pretty correct)

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