Charger battery lipo

I bought two batteries 3s 5000 mAh 20 c I think put these batteries in series for output final 22,2 V 5ah. My doubd is Wich charger I should have. In my m in mind I have two IMAX B6 50W 5A Charger/Discharger 1-6 Cells (GENUINE) and Turnigy Accucel-6 80W 10A Balancer/Charger LiHV Capable.

I want that with you experience I me explain wich I I could i have.

They are both capable of charging your battery pack faster than it really should be, since you shouldn’t charge lipo batteries any faster than 1C. Go with whichever one has better reviews or is cheaper.

I have a B6 and I like it. Never used an accucell 6, but I imagine they’re similar in terms of usage.

The turning 80w is great. I’d get that since it’s higher watts and you can charge faster or at least closer to 1c :slight_smile:

I mainly use my 250w charger now and ended up buying a cheap 30amp 12v psu for it so I could charge at 10amps if I wanted to. I use to just use a small 7amp brick psu.

I would recommend getting the genuine IMAX B6 I have a fake one and it doesn’t even show the correct voltages. It does charge fine but it gets quite hot since it’s only a 50w charger and charging at 5 amps and 22.2v is about 125watts

If I buy the IMAX b6 I could charger my two baterías that More or less Time?

More time then the Turnigy 80w. It will take less time with the Turnigy 80w