Charger blinking red fast. Urgent

I have a 12s 2 amp charger and the led is just blinking red fast. Any ideas?

also when i check voltage at output terminals, only 28v are coming out

I’d toss it in the bin


I’d sell it as - new, still in box, never used, never tested


I had the same when I changed the polarity. Small spark, half od voltage and nothing you van do.

So i need to buy a new one?

What do u mean by reversing polarity. The wires connected to my dc port are correct. I checked them.

Unless your comfortable opening it up and finding whats wrong (preferably powered off since theres 230V in there…), yes you’ll need a new one

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I conected the port wrong. I’m not saying that you did the same thing. Mine was blinking and I had half of the voltage and I bought new one and probably you’ll have to do the same.

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I did open the charger up and i don’t see any burn marks or anything

Also which side am I supposed to plug in the first? Should I plug the dc side in first or plug it into the wall first?

Just cause there wasn’t a fire in it doesn’t mean something isnt broken. If u have a multimeter you can do some troubleshooting. Dont plug it in while you do it tho. 230VAC tickles the heart in a bad way. (had my hand in PC PSU once)

It shouldnt matter what you plug in first on a good charger.

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Please be careful 110VAC can KILL you. If you don’t know what you are doing please leave it and buy a new one…

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^ this…

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How can i troubleshoot it and see what happened?

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Do you have any kind of training with electrical circuits? If not please buy a new one… @dg798

Not officially but is there anyway to troubleshoot it without plugging it in

Meassure between + and - on primary and secondary side to see if theres a short. (Ohm) Could also meassure the secondary sides voltage when turned on. (again, dont do this if you’re unfamiliar with electrical appliances, and always have it plugged in to a fast breaking fuse)

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Secondary sides voltage is 28v

Not really. You can do what @linsus said but don’t open it up and plug it in…