Charger for 10s4p

I’m looking for a charger to use for a my 10s4p battery made using the 30Q. I have seen a lot of the Brick type chargers andI would like a charger that was a little better then that. I have looked at the Luna cycle chargers for 36v and I did a search for the Luna cycles chargers on here didn’t see much. So besides the Brick chargers what do you guys use and does anyone is the Luna chargers for eboards?

Google this and you will find what your looking for… P/N:EMC-180

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Have you tried that charger

This looks interesting I know it’s a brick charger, but I ordered one just to see what’s inside, particularly if it has a voltage pot :wink:

Does anyone know where to get less-than-2A chargers? Like 42V 1.8A or 42V 1A

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Yeah I have it,it’s the one enertion use to sell as well,it takes roughly 1.5hrs to charge my 10s

There were several that came up however.

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Wow, that’s a big mess.

No way to know what that is without testing it myself Output 36V 1.0A (1500mA), max 42V. 1500mA ≠ 1.0A

Well its in your range of 1.8-1.0 lol

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No one has the Luna charger?