Charger for 12s2p 18650 pack

Anyone have a charger they wanna sell me?

I think mine took a crap on me.

Or where I should get one?


Sorry it’s was early. More coffee needed :grimacing:

The Meanwell LED drivers seem to make good power supplies - adjustable voltage and current, and last a long time. The adjustable voltage allows you to undercharge the pack a little to prolong battery life. No fans so nice and quiet, just a big aluminum case.

They can be found for around $40.

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I have a new 12S (50.4V) 2A charger I could sell you.

I have two of them and just bought a 5A charger, so I don’t really need it. PM me

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Thanks my man!!

@jmasta check ur pm mate

U still have a 12s charger available?