Charger for Sale - 41.5v

“High Power” 36v (nominal) charger. It’s output can be adjusted slightly. I have it set to 41.5v unloaded and it charges the battery to 41.3v. You could adjust it back to 42v or I can before shipping but the lower cutoff is better for battery life.

Also, can potentially help with vesc shutdown errors due to braking with a fully charged battery.

Asking $65 shipped obo.


How is Output Voltage ajusted ?, (Picture if u can )

There is a small potentiometer inside that can be adjusted

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How much did you pay for when it was brand new?

I bought it off a guy who was using it for an ebike.

Is this still available? What would be the difference between getting this and something like this

Yes, still available.

The one you linked is a cheap hoverboard charger. They usually have an output voltage of 42.2-42.3v

The benefit of the one I am selling is that you are not charging the batteries all the way to 42v and this extends the life of the pack. Table 4 on this page


Awesome, I sent you a PM.

SOLD! Thanks @oct0f1sh

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To add to this, every .1v you drop from full charge doubles cycle life.


Oh interesting, I’ll keep that in mind, thanks!

Wrong thread, this charger is sold