Charger has retarded port can xt90 be used

Seen a thread with a similar topic but cant find it, anyways im on 10s 4a charger with a mini xlr female port for charging can i just put an xt90 on there and one on the board, im worried about the resistor inside, also bestech bms is on the way, can you recommend me something?

The xt90 (cheaper) doesn’t have a resistor. It’s the XT90-s that has the resistor. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work?

If you turn your board on before plugging in your charger you shouldn’t get a spark. Be sure your charger is also plugged into the wall before connecting it to the charge port.

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I red somewhere that it got really hot, mine has the resistor, just wanted to check so it will work without problems

They’re good for 90 amps so if they get hot charging I’d guess theres something going wrong somewhere…?

I didnt try it out yet but i did read somewhere that it does get hot will there be a problem if the wires got wet? I guess not since they are not under any load , or is there a seal for XT90

I’d guess if you short between the contacts on the plug there’d be a big problem. For charging you shouldn’t need such a huge socket. Something like this?