Charger Problem Help Please

Hey guys, need some help. My set up uses three 4 cell batteries that add up to 50.4v. I have a 12s bms for the board for charging. I wired everything up like the description showed. I have an aluminum cased charging brick with a fan and all that. The charging brick is shown is specs to charge to 50.4v yet my batteries aren’t charging. I have all the wires connected right and the charging brick has the LED light on showing it’s on but nothing charges.

The charger I have is an XLR charger brick.

Hey Nathan do you possibly have any pictures or schematics of how everything is wired together can’t do much with the information provided so far.

I know it’s a little messy but the blue pack are the sensor wires from the batteries. I am getting the correct voltage readings from each one. I followed the diagram from my sellers website as to wiring up the BMS. I have an XLR charging port that I have wired with the correct wires but whenever I plug in my charger it says things are fully charged.

I don’t know if this matters of not but when I plug the charger into the port on my board which is connected to my BMS I hear a high pitch screech kinda sound from the BMS. The sound isn’t super loud like it has to be silent in the room or you need your ear next to the BMS

I know it after one year but worth it to try. Sincr this evening my charger stopped to charge and I hear the same sound you were describing in the post. Did you figure it out what could be? Thx