Charger recommendation please

Hi all

I bought a ebay charger but it out put 44v instead of 42v. it is (possibly) causing bms to not charge. im looking at

from supower. I live in canada, so delivery option is limited Could you recommend one?

@Acido one of the review says it barely charges to 4.17?

Dont know, I have this one will post a review after i test

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If thats true, it’s better because it could give you an extra 50 cycles or so!

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Your usual bms starts the balancing game when a cell/group reaches 4.2v. Charging to less than that on a standard bms means it will never actually balance.


hmmm didn’t know that! Can you not program the BMS to start balancing earlier?

On Bestech you might be able to, if you ask before buying. They allow over charge/discharge voltage to be configurable, maybe you could also configure the voltage limit for balancing, but not sure.

I think that review you are talking about is mine. The charger is good enough for a normal use. Unless you absolutely need to use 100% capacity of your batteries. In which case still the charger is good enough but add more batteries in parallel xd

what do you mean add more par batt group will solve problem?

That if you absolutely need the full capacity up to 4.2v of your batteries to get where you need to go with your board you’d better add more batteries to get more range

oh i see what u mean