Charger smoking

i think i must of stuffed something up but when I connect my two 3s batteries in series and then i connected the two balance leads with the 2 3s to 6s charging harness I plug the positive and negative into the charger and after I plug the balance lead in the charger starts to smoke anyone know why it would be doing this?

Don’t try to use the charger again.

so its suffed? any idea what went wrong

Same thing happened to me. I bought imax 6 charger from hobbyking. I plugged 2x3s in series with hobbyking’s adapter plugged it in to charger. At third charging it burned 4th cell’s components (resistors?). Pcb was ruined so I threw it away.

what did you end up doing to charge your lipos?

I bought new cheap 3s charger, because it was almost winter and right now I’m upgrading to 10s.

I think that I plugged balance leads wrong way, I mean cells 123 to 456 and 456 to 123.

how do you tell what one is what?

connect your balance leads the other way (correct way) and there wont be a problem. but you will need a new (or repaired) charger

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I had the same problem - you probably just plugged the +/- leads and the balance leads in a switch configuration. Either way - and I can not emphasize this enough - don’t use Lipos. I never had anything but problems with them. They’re less stable, more prone to fires, and they don’t last as long. If you want a better experience, get a Lithium Ion or LiFePO battery.

I’ve been using lipos across 4 boards, no issues at all. They just require that you know what your doing…don’t rush through the connection & charging process and you too can ride without voltage sag.