Charging 10S pack made of Samsung 25r cells

i’m in the process of building a 10s4p pack and had a question about charging.

i plan to NOT use a bms initially, and just use a balance charger (iCharger 1010b+).

using this charger i plan to balance charge maybe 1 out of 4 times, but just do a normal charge for the remainder.

the charger has different battery type parameters for “normal” charging, but which would i use for a pack consisting of the Samsung 25r cells?

You would use the “LiIo” for a Samsung 25R pack.

“LiIo” = Lithium Ion

Hope that helps.

You could technically charge them with Lipo setting but by charging to 4.1 instead of 4.2 volts per pack, you will extend the life of the battery.

omg, in the table i read that as LILO, thinking it was some type i wasn’t familiar with.

awesome, thanks for the quick response!

No problem, the capital “i” threw me for a loop too. haha. Also, the 4.1 max charge voltage is off for the 25Rs.

You can safely charge them to 4.2v/cell.

then would i just be able to use the LIPO setting?

Yes, the Lipo settings are fine

sweet, thank you

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I would recommend balance charging every cycle not just 1 out of 4. You could ruin a cell if it gets too out of balance. The risk is not worth the time saved when charging. Even with balance function, the charge time is quick with a good charger like the one your looking at.

Few guys here tried packs without bms and I will try too, because it should not be problem with quality cells.

There is basically no risk when using quality cells. You can safely charge without a balancer.

Charging to 4.2 will ALWAYS result in less life cycles no matter the cell you are using. 4.1 seems like a good tradeoff between life and capacity. This is also valid for Lipos.

that “1 in 4” charges is something i just pulled out my butt…

plan is to use a balance charger (iCharge 1010b+) so doing a balance charge won’t be a problem.

good point, go safe to extend the life of the pack. i’m ok with that even with a bit of a capacity sacrifice.

I have seen Lipo cells go out of balance after just one discharge. I prefer to balance my cells on every charge for maximum performance and peace of mind.

Yes, I wrote that in the second post in this thread.

Good practice if the pack is large enough that the user doesn’t need thr additional range from the extra .1 or whatever they set their cutoff to.

My cutoff on my 10S6P is 40V and my 10S4P is 41V.

Lipos are not quality cells.

I’ve tried both Lipo then Li-ion. I went back to Lipo because pound for pound I got more power and less voltage sag with Lipos. 60/120C Lipos that is.

while sacrificing safety and the luxury of not having to use a balancer. There is always a tradeoff. Also just because you decided to use Lipos you can’t tell people that they need to balance charge when they ask you abut Liion charging.

I can and will always recommend what I feel is the best option for safety and performance. And I feel that any type of lithium battery that is used for esk8 should be balanced.

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Lemme ask something somewhat related…

If using 3 4s lipos in parallel hooked together on the balance leads too, then these 2 “packs” in series, does this help mitigate the out of balance problem?

That is not sound advice. Li-ion should still be balance charged especially by an average to intermediate user.

You can get away without a BMS as @whitepony has done but I would not go around advocating to skip a BMS if a build has room for one.