Charging 10s2p battery

Hi everyone, I know there are a lot topics about bms’s and charging. But I can’t find what I want. This summer i’ll be building my first eboard and I am already gathering some parts.

So, I already have these things:

-Arbor Genesis board 72mm wheels (i’ll probably buy bigger wheels) -Turnigy sk3 190kv motor -15mm belt with 36-15 pulleys -Focbox -Homemade nunchuck remote -2x ZIPPY Compact 4000mAh 10S battery’s (10s2p)

I think these parts will work great together, however I really don’t know how to charge those battery’s. I want to charge them with a bms in my board. i’ve ordered a cheap 5 dollar bms from ebay and a 42v powerbrick but i will not use them because i’ve read that those cheap bms’s suck. (4.35v overcharge).

Does anyone have tips on how they’ve done it? Thanks a lot!

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You should get a good BMS, you can run it in bypass to save a few bucks or you’ll need a 40A one if you want balanced discharge. Bestech have some great options.

Charging port is connected to the BMS (needs soldering)

@light-v thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I’ve done some more searching and i think this is a good one. I am not looking to spend 100$ on a bms. If it burns out or the battery goes bad i’ll just replace it. Not sure yet if i’ll use it for discharging. I’ve also read that I need a cc/cv power supply. So just a normal 42v (2-5a) power brick isn’t good enough?

It’s fine. Which one did you get

I’ve bought this one. looking for some waterproof connector to put on it.