Charging 12s lipo with 2x 6s chargers?

I currently have these massive 16ah 4s batteries, and I’m planning on running them in series to create a massive 16ah 12s battery. My main issue has been figuring out the wiring and how I will charge them. I have a turnigy 6s charger which can charge 4x 6s batteries. I was wondering if I could somehow wire this up so I run them as a 12s battery and charge them with my 6s charger by connecting 2 of the leads together and wiring the balance cables as two 6s batteries, without having to disconnect anything to break that series connection?

I’m looking for an easy way to charge this battery and I don’t have space for a bms, so that option is out. Any help or diagrams (I love diagrams :wink:) are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You could run the batteries in series and charge them in parallel. This thread should help

Also give this one a read

Thank you for the reading material. It seems like the first one shows having to change from in series to in parallel, which is what I’m trying to avoid. I don’t want to need to disconnect and reconnect any cables. I want a setup where I don’t need to touch anything inside, just a POS, NEG, and 2x 6s plugs on the outside.

My idea is to put the two charger postives and negatives together in series so I charge at 50.4v.

If you are looking for convenience, then just invest in a BMS. Much easier

Li was in your shoes a few weeks ago my set up is 4 3s for a 12s total and i didnt want to open my enclosure every time i need to charge my batteries so what i did is i connected 2 3s on one side and the other 2 3s on the other side of my enclosure so now i have 2 6s, i have a xt90 charging por for each pack mounted on my enclosure and also 2 3s to 1 6s jst port for each pack

Hey! Can you post a pic of your setup?