Charging 12s? Need Help!

I would love some help on my newbie delema lol. I am running 4 3s 30c 5000 mah in series and was wondering once i wire them all together how to charge them. I would like to put a charging port on the outside of my electronic’s box. I would like something like plugging in a laptop so that i dont have to carry around a bulky charger. Is this possible?? i just dont want to ruin the new battery’s i just bought but i am clueless in the subject.:slight_smile: Thanks guys

@Johnosu1 Hey for the laptop style charger you talk about you will need a BMS which balance charges your cells for you, if you don’t have a 12s charger this might be the best way to go. There are methods of charging your packs in parallel with a 6s charger but I would recommend a BMS as it’s much easier. Just requires fitting another PCB under your board. If you’ve got space go for it! Get a 12s BMS thats rated for at least 60a.


Do you recommend any good place to get a bms??

also I am running a single 149kv sk3 if that matters.

This should be good, I am using the 10s version. :slight_smile:

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so what do you use to plug into the wall with??

60a? I thought we need 100+, although I could be wrong. I’m not very familiar with this type of stuff but would love to learn.

Ya me too @link5505. Im just a big kid that wants fast toys lol But i am not sure what the max amp out put of the motor i have??

what about something like this

Looks good. Your batteries can be charged at 5ah so that charger will work.

so that can be wired right in to the power leads between the vesc and the batterys?? what do i do with the balance charging wires??

Plug it into the BMS. Just realised this from another thread, the BMS accepts a 9S connector and your ground wire goes straight to the BMS. You will need to buy something like this and solder the leads on:

ok so even with that charger i would need a bms

After looking into it further and with the advice of @Pablo_702 i am going to get a dual 6s charger and make a harness to make it a 12s pack when using the board but charge the packs as 2 6s packs. thanks guys!!

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Or you could get any single 6s charger and charge 1 pair (2 x 3s= 1 6s) out of time

I have the same setup witch charger did you get?