Charging 2 6s batteries in series

Is there some sort of 12s charger that can charge 2 6s batteries in series. Or a dual 6s charger that’s not extremely expensive.

You could always wire your 6s batteries in parallel, and do the same with the balance leads, and charge them with a 6s charger. It will probably be slow, doubling charge times. Your best bet is to get a battery management system

i can’t really afford a 12s bms right now and im not the best with wiring

Then charge them one at a time… It takes work to get something nice. There are some group buys for 12s bmss often. A BMS will be much cheaper than any 12s charger

currently i am charging one at a time. it just takes too long to charge both of them seperately.

just get a parallel charging board

i hear it doesnt balance charge each cell properly and that its dangerous.

Then just buy 2 of the I max b6 copy chargers. Under 20$ each

i have 2 right now but i cant seem to find a decent charger. it takes like 12 hours to charge one of them

Do you have 2 imax`s? if your batteries aren’t 30000 mAh each (Which they obviously aren’t) it shouldt take 12 hours

i have 2 imax but i am only using one for each battery. i am using a 2 amp powers supply but it only lets me go max 1.2 amps.

Then i understand… You better just buy 2 more powerful supplies of eBay

i guess thats what i will have to do

Ive done this. Vesc on the left, batteries right two. My connectors are all antispark. My balance leads come out a little hole in my enclosure. 250w charger. You can either do them one at a time, or buy a fused parallel board. Oh ive also a temperature sensor connector, to stop charging if the temp exceeeds 30c.

A more powerful power supply is required as mentioned above. Nothing wrong with parallel charging if you do it right. I’ve been doing it for years and never had an issue.

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i think im just going to buy a more powerful supply. also can i charge a 5200 mah 6s 15C~30C battery at 5 amps?

All batteries are different. My 6s 30c ones are 2c (10amp) Ive seen much higher.

Everyone recommends 1c. I charge 1.5c. My batteries only go 1-2 celcius over ambient temp.

Check out used chargers on I picked up a 1000w charger and 750w power supply for $80shipped

ok thanks for everyones input.

Remember that you can only charge up to 2a on 6s/25.2v on the iMax b6

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