Charging 2 x 3s Batteries in series

Hey everybody! I have already built my board and it works great but there are a few improvements I want to make. 1. I want a way to tell how much farther I can ride. 2. I want to be able to charge without taking everything out. I am planning on doing this by adding a voltmeter and also creating some charging ports. This is the layout I’m thinking about doing:

I just wanted to know if all of this would work correctly. I’m not so sure about the XT60 charging port. Would I have to plug an XT60 key in there in order for the circuit to be close or would it work without one?

This is not charging in series, if you plug this into a 6 cell balance charger you will be just fine

i could be wrong

Oh wouldn’t I be charging 2 batteries in series as one though?

No because your balance charging connector in this picture has 7 leads, 1 negative lead and 6 positives, one for each cell. this way you can balance all 6 cells individually (with you i mean your charger)

connecting them in series would be using a 4 lead charge connector and connecting 2 cells to each lead, that would be a bad idea as the charger wouldnt be able to balance the cells probably.

Ok I see now. Alright thank you so much!

Wait for someone else to confirm this though

i have a same questions also. i have 2 4S and 8S balance charger, i wan to charge in series. My two lipo had using series XT60 to connect as 8S as my setup is 8S. Just wondering how to i modify the balance lead port. 9lead or 5lead?

The diagram above is correct for 6s charging of 2x3s batteries. What you are refering to would be parallel charging. But be carefull, in that diagram the balance leads are inverted, the battery that has the negative lead going to the vesc should have the negative balance lead and the positive battery leading to the vesc should have the positive balance lead.

Once you have everything wired up, before connecting anything use a multimeter to test your balance lead. With the negative multimeter probe on the negative balance pin start moving the positive probe 1 pin at a time, you should get 4.2v, 8.4v, 12.6v, 16.8v, 21v, 25.2v on fully charger batteries.

This is a wrong way, Charging a 3s battery need a 11.1v charger, but you have two 3s batteries in series, so you need a 6s balance charger to charge them.

i can charge two 3s batteries in series at 2.0A with this:

turnigy charging harness 2 x 3s

turnigy accucell balance charger 80W

power supply 12V-24V

Erm, not its no the wrong way. He never mentioned what type of charger he had, but almost all hobby chargers are 6s anyways.

Hi. What is defference with diagram above and this diagram in balance cable? Is better cut of (+)red wire or (-) black wire?

Anybody here??