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Charging 2 x 4s Lipo batteries

I’m planning my first build and want to go with 2 x 4s Lipo batteries in series to get an 8s configuration. I need a charger and optimal would be one were I could charge them both still connected in series. Anyone know a good charger or am I better of just going with a 6s set up?

You can always just get a 6s charger and charge the two 4s batteries with a parallel board.

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Thanks for the advice, will do that. Never used lipo batteries before so totally new to it. Do I need some kind of adapter for the two balancing connectors?

If you’ve never used lipos before, please read up on lipo safety. They can be very dangerous. I find it easier just using a parallel board. You can get them from hobbyking or eBay with your battery connectors of choice. Here’s an example of one with xt-60 connectors.

Thanks for the help!

You can get multi-pack chargers that can charge and balance two or more packs at the same time.