Charging 2X3S 5000MAH

Hello, i have 2X3S 5000MAH batteries, if i charge them sepperate it takes 7 hours to finish them both, can i charge them in series?? my charger can only hanlde 6 amps charge. so i cannot parallel charge. thanks!

parallel charging Lipos is not the best option anyway. You can charge them in series since most hobby chargers will charge 6s. For a 5000mah battery, it’s best to charge at 5a which is a 1C charge rate. Just get an adapter harness that does 2x3s to 6s for the balance wires.

yes i have that harnass :wink: only 1 of the middle wires is cut of, becus that connection is made with the serie conector and could cause problems

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which wire is cut off? The middle black wire is not really needed so if it is cut off, no problem.

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yea that one lol :slight_smile:

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No problem then, you can still use it.

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This is the easiest solution. You can charge without removing anything. This connector handles charging as well as balance wires.

Ok I received one of these to charge. To use it I would have the batteries in series then have what type of plug to run one to the vesc and one to the port.

That connector only hooks to the batteries, not to the vesc. I suggest also ordering the MEB power switch and everything will wire together perfectly.

I was planning on a antispark switch is there a way I could do that

This is an antispark switch and its illuminated.

I was wondering for a cheaper option

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For example would I connect it from a series plug or a parrallel plug.

I did not draw the balence ports but would that work

I will post a pic when I get home

Is this possible

It would be a parallel connector up there/XT60 splitter. This would work as it is pretty much the same thing I am using on my board.

Sweet now all I have to do is wait about 5 years for my batteries to come in from hobby king

lol I’m sure they will come in a few weeks, half of esk8 building is waiting for parts :slight_smile:.

Yep I knoe anyways thxs for the help

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