Charging 4 3s batteries 2 series 2 parallel

I’m making my build and I’m after a 6s pack because I have a 6s battery charger but i have no clue how to charge 4 seperate 3s batteries at once (or if its possible) has anyone done it before I thought about using a parallel charging board but still I’m not sure can anyone help?

I am running a 6s setup with 4x3s batteries. I connected those permanently. At first I connected 2 of the batteries in series. For the balance leads I used adapters. The positive and negative cables I soldered some plugs myself. The remaining two batteries are connected the same way. After that the two 6s battery packs in parallel. Again I used an adapter for the balance leads. Do it step by step and take care that when connecting the packs in parallel that the most negative cell of pack 1 gets connected to the most negative cell of pack 2. Furthermore you should bring all cells to the same voltage niveau. Tripple check every connection before you actually connect it. If you do a short circuit you will melt your connectors and you have to solder it again. At the end check the cell voltages with a lipo cell checker or a multimeter to see if the balance leads are all connected well. For example if one cell shows 0 V and anothe 7 then the cables are switched.

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How do you charge it can it be done all at once @Vaulter92

This is how I connected the batteries. And then I can charge all of them at once :slight_smile:

What about this using these charging harnesses then they go to a parallel charging board then charge from there.

Sorry about the quick drawing @Vaulter92

I do not have experiences with that device. Don’t know how it works. also I cannot see your second picture.

I have set up the vesc for two 3s in series and only just got the next two to add on in parallel do I need to change the vesc setting what settings do you have yours set up as?

I do not use a vesc but having them in parallel is the the same as using a battery with double the capacity. I suggest that nothing changes.

@nick191. Your drawing is wrong. Look at @Vaulter92 drawing carefully. You see where he has the to charger connections. Those two need to get connected to your charger. The xt60 and balance leads.

The turinigy twin harness charges through your balance leads which is fine for small rc hobby packs but not enough for our purposes. You’ll take hours and hours charging like that

Ok thanks for that how do you get the two 6s balance leads to one lead?

Parallel harness

Could i put an antispark key on the positive the is going to the esc on @Vaulter92 diagram?

Yes That’s what I did. After the batteries comes a 40A fuse and then a loop key, both on the positive side. After the loop key I have a voltage I indicator as well (in parallel ;-))

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