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Charging a 8s board

Hello guys, I recently finished my board and I realized the hassle of taking out the batteries each time. I was wondering if I could use the charger I already have and buy these connectors and the male end and solder it up so that I could plug my board in instead of opening it up all the time.

You cannot just buy the connectors and expect to work like plug and play. You will need to have at least 9 pins XLR cable connectors. So you can balance each cell properly.

Could I solder in the plugs like this? All the components would be in he box. I already have the balance cable and I would still plug it into the charger.

Yes thats possible, but you still need to plug in your balance connector to the balance charger.

can i just tap into the wires like that? also would the connectors i linked work with a 8s lipo?

Absolutely. Although most people here would use a twin charger connectors, but tapping like that would also work just fine.

Thanks for the help! I will definitely be doing this and then maybe I can upgrade to a better compartment :blush:

I have seen people use a VGA port for all in one charging so just one connector can balance and charge your battery instead of the traditional way of having a balance lead and a connector.

link to the thread: MEB Electric Vanguard | Loaded Vanguard | CarvOn V2 Single Hub Motor | 6S | Flier ESC

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