Charging a Battery

This is my first time using my Imax B6, and I am attempting to charge a 3s (11.1V) 1500 mah battery. I have set the IMax to balance charge at 3s and at 1.5 a, however, the charger seems to give no care to overcharging the battery, as it caused the voltage to rise over 12 Vs, and each cell was nearly at 4 V each, I was wondering if this was normal or if I was making a stupid mistake, charge time was around a half hour.

3s charge to 12.6V, 4.2V per cell. 11.1V is the nominal voltage.

Ah. Thank you, it was just me being stupid then.

Stupid you are not. But, much to learn there is.


I thought the same thing my friend! Its not something I ever thought I needed to look up before hand