Charging batteries w/o BMS

I built a battery pack with 18650 batteries and made it 10s4p. although its technically 2x 5s4p in series, I installed balance leads on it for proper charging but i have no BMS because it seems like a waste of money because you dont know if its working until something breaks. I have an inline fuse and a balance charger so it is useless to me. So i have a venom charger that is designed for charging up to 6s li-ion batteries so i have been using it to get it charged but it takes forever to charge. Now when i was running 6s li-po batteries in my RC cars i would simply hook up the + and - leads and let it charge while i had a blinky balancer on the balance leads and it always worked great with no problems. Can i do this to my Li-ion batteries? i have a charger made for 10s that does 5A, so i figure that i can just hook that up and use the blinky balancers to keep it all equalized. I mean when i hook up the blinky balancer it starts blinking properly and adjusting the voltage to equalized. But its made for li-po so im not sure about the repercussions of using it on li-ion.

yea it’s fine as it just discharges the higher cells down to the one lowest.

cool, one concern I have is that the blinky balancer seems to get pretty warm when its balancing, I have been pulling it off because I’m concerned its gonna blow up or something. because each cell is 8800mAh since its a 10s4p pack there can be a lot of balancing to balance it out it seems.

Yea I’ve heard they will overcook. I have 5 different versions! Some will not work after a long time and maybe it’s from the heat and I have to unplug and plug back in right away and it’ll go. One of them u can add bulbs to so as to draw more but it’s a pain and I don’t bother.

I wish someone would come up with a robust one for 12s! With the vesc’s low voltage cutoffs and the blinky discharger I feel I’m good. If only the blinkys were good. They’re slow and different ones have different problems. Some will not show anything on the screen or work if a cell is too low.

I imagine it’s a simple part to make if u knew what you were doing. Wish some diy guy would do it

I mean it would seem easy enough just unsolder the LED that’s on there and install a larger LED that draws more juice. but would that help with the heat dissipation? Or maybe thro a heat sink on there somewhere?

Maybe not an led bulb but something that will draw more ? I don’t know