Charging battery in Circuit

I’m trying to add a charging port for my 2 5s Batteries. The circuit is like this and I want to add the charger as pictured:

If the circuit is open at the anti spark power plug would charging work like pictured (and analog for battery 2 as well)? Just want to make sure I don’t fry anything. Thanks for confirming!

The charger positive should be on the positive lead of battery one.

Does that work? I have an IMAX B6 and would like to balance-charge the batterys

Charge it like I said previously, but wire the JST balance connectors in series to balance charge.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand. My Charger only has a max of 5s for the balanced input…

In this situation, you would only be charging one battery. What you want to do is ride in series, charge in parallel. It is complicated, but the community and I came up with some ideas on how to do this a while back. Check out this.

I know - Sorry if that wasn’t clear. I know that I’m only charging one battery at a time, I just want to be sure that it’s not a Problem that the + from the charger is also coming to the - of the Battery1 when Battery2 is hooked up like in the picture. If the Circuit is broken at the Anti-Spark plug that should work fine, right?

No, you are not charging one at a time, you are only charging one, if I’m not mistaken.

To clarify, I would add 2 Ports to charge each battery one at a time.

This would work, right?

you can charge it like this. Just remember unplug loopkey while you charge.

Alright, Perfect! Thanks!