Charging/BMS help...ignore if you hate newbs

I am doing a setup with two 5s, zippy flightmax 5 s 3000 mah batteries in series. To charge, I have to take out the batterys, and connect them too my imax b6ac with a parralell charging plate. Are there any ways I can charge without disconecting the batteries? I have looked into BMS solutions, but none of the 10s ones are meant for 2 sets of balance wires (i use 2 batteries in series). Any advice, ideas, or insight would be much appriciated.

Doesn’t matter how many batteries you have if it adds up to 10s you can hook it up to a 10s bms you just have to look at a 2 5s battery to 10s bms diagram

“wiring bms diagram” -> search much answer such help many fun wow


Lipo packs are designed for hobby chargers. If you want to use a BMS and a simple charger, then you will have to make a custom connection Like this:


I just spent 20.minutes looking for the original write up, no joy. @oriol360 used to make and sell a 6S Simple Charge Port. He did a write up on how to build it using a VGA female and male adaptor. He may have some.laying around he’d sell you.

Here’s a link with a little info, when I 1st used it.

Your build, this would be perfect. It’s 10 bucks worth if hear and you keep using your hobby charger.


He’s wanting to do 10s with two 5s packs.

You can do the quick charge port with 10s. There are a total of 15 pins, use 1 for each balance leads and 2 each for the positive and negative. You would be limited to 2a charge rate as each pin can sustainably support 1 amp.

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Wuh? Sorry I am a newb, and tottaly dont get what you are saying. Could you please explain?

Solves your problem right?

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yeah. Thanks

how exactly did you make that?

Hey, just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for wiring 2 6s lipos to a bestech d140 bms.

thanks a lot for all the help

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