Charging confirmation ZIPPY Compact 4000mAh 10S 25C Lipo Pack

(First time builder here) So I have been doing research on charging the most annoying pack in the world and I just wanted to make sure I’m not going to gas myself out.

I have a ZIPPY Compact 4000mAh 10S 25C Lipo Pack (

I have a 10s capable charger on the way (iCharger X12 1100W 30A 12S Balance Battery Charger) I have volt tested BL 01 red to BL 02 black and confirmed that one way round reads 0 and the other reads 37

So my understanding was if only one way round read 37v I could charge them by using pins 1-6 then 7-12 and I will not need a BMS board with a 10s cable charger riiiiiiiiight? :pray:

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Just get a 10s jst-xh connector from ebay. But be very very careful and move one pin at a time from the two 5s connectors to the 10s connector.

Also you’ll end up with one extra ground wire from one of the 5s connectors so just cover that one in shrink wrap so it doesnt short against anything.

That iCharger X12 doesnt charge thru the balance lead only as far as I know. You’ll need to connect the main lead.

Btw a 10s connector has 11 pins. But you probably knew that already. :slight_smile:

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OMG WTF LIPO MOFO! 1st time builder here. After hours of researching Li-ion builds I decided to keep things simple and go the Lipo and compatible charger route in the hope that I can be riding this board before I die of old age. I’ve dropped on some Zippy 10s compact 4.5ah at a good price so ordered two of these units to connect in parallel. That should give me 10s at 9ah, enough power and range to begin with.

Now for the confusion: In looking for a dual charger I noticed they mostly go up to s6 on the balance leads. So then I looked for a true 10s charger, ok now we’re getting somewhere, not so fast Mr Logical…pull up and take a seat… I’ve since noticed the Zippy batterys I ordered have 2 balance leads each and 1 discharge lead each. Bummer! How exactly am I supposed to charge these things? Connect the xt90 and a 5s balance to the charger port 1 and the other balance to port 2 and tell the charger 5s 18v on both ports? :thinking:

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Can anyone advise please? Never used Lipo’ before. I have two of the above Zippy 45 compacts which ideally I’d need to charge at the same time. Would a balance board be the best way forward as each pack has 2 balance plugs (so 4 balance plugs in total)? If so what charger and settings would be required please? Haven’t bought a charger yet! Any advise welcome. Thanks

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Patience, grasshopper. I would recommend against parallel charging unless its the kind thats fused both on the main connectors and the balance leads. Its much too easy to get into trouble with parallel charging without those added safety measures.

Just get 2 parallel balance boards and charge 2x parallel packs (6s) separately.

The other option is to to source a 12s jst-xh connector and a lipo charger that handles 12s packs. There are a few out there thanks to industrial multirotors for agricultural and cinematic use. Just do a search for ‘12s lipo charger’. ISDT makes the X12 which is one of the cheaper options.

Thanks, would it be all the same if I got a Dual 6s charger and charged like 2 5s batches at a time? ( 1 5s per Chanel then repeat)? Ideally I’d want to charge the whole pair of 10s’s (4 X 5s plugs) in one go. Can this be done with balance boards or would I have to start chopping plugs off?

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You would only need a y harness to charge as 2 6s packs.

If you wanted to charge as one 10s pack you would need to move all of the balance leads into one 10s jst-xh connector and leave off the ground wire from the higher cell count pack. Just put a piece of shrink tube over it and tape it against the pack out of the way.

If you want I can give you a link to feebay or digikey for that 10s or 12s jst-xh connector and walk you thru the process. Remember to move just one pin at a time so you dont short anything out.

Hey thanks for your reply Kavac5150. I’m sure I sound stupid but the single discharge and double balance plug thing are not obvious to me. I’d rather not have to bother with the whole plug changing to 10s as there doesn’t seem to be a Dual 10s charger to enable the charging of the two packs simultaneously. Guess it’d mean buying two 10s chargers?£££

Could I get a Dual 6s charger and a pair of balance boards or something else to do the job? Cheers Kavic5150.


BMS, you want a BMS.

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A BMS just for charging or discharge as well?


we are talking about charging two lipos without all the trouble of split 6S chargers.

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What he said. Balance charging all 4 packs as a single 12s pack thru just one main battery connector and one 10s or 12s jst-xh connector. You would need a hobby charger for this and not a simple wall wart.

Or a bms to handle balancing and just charging with said wall wart (typical esk8 charger) that handles 12s lipos (50.4v fully charged).

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So both batteries will equate to either 4 X 5s’s charged at 18v or 2 X 10s’s with a plug chop on each (2 X 10s jst-xh) charged at 36v each? And a BMS is required?

I was looking at a HTRC C240 charger to charge all these batteries at the same time, is this ok for the job?



Yes a balance charger would be better than relying on a BMS for balancing during charging. Theres just something a bit dodgy about turning excess voltage into heat thru resistors whenever individual cells reach full charge before others. Not all BMS do this though, some have active balancing but they cost a few dollars more.

You’ll need a Y harness for 10s of course. Recommend an anti spark connector too. Either on a loop key for the final connection or something like this:

Hi and thanks. My 2 10s batteries only have 1 xt90 and 2 balance (5s) connectors on each battery (Pic in above post). It is therefore my assumption that I will use a dual charger, connect a xt90 to each charge port (L&R), a 5s balance to each port (L&R). This would then charge half of each battery pack (5s) at 18v. I would then have to charge the other half of the packs (5s )afterwards. When finished I’d have 2 X 10s packs fully charged no?

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I think so. I’ve never worked with 10s or 12s packs with 2 balance leads. Be sure to research the charger you listed and read the manual before buying to make sure it can handle that particular battery configuration.

Great, thanks for your help. Hopefully someone will be along shortly who uses this kind of setup. :pray::+1::sunglasses:

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I wish I had more information for you. But I just dont have experience with that kind of charging setup. You might want to make a thread here and ask:

I found this video on converting to one balance plug. Does this look to be good? Can’t help but think the redundant wire should be the black (LH wire) from the second plug?

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