Charging confirmation ZIPPY Compact 4000mAh 10S 25C Lipo Pack

I dont see a link but that is accurate. You’ll only need the first ground wire as ground then the 1st postive, 2nd positive all the way to the 10th positive. Even if you clip that 2nd ground wire, make sure to use some heat shrink over it so it doesnt become a troublemaker.

Sorry, don’t know where the link went :thinking:.

I’ve added it now. I’d be interested for your opinion as he suggests loosing the last wire on the 1st plug?.. Guess it don’t matter if it’s last wire of 1st plug OR 1st wire of second plug…

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It absolutely matters and if you use a voltmeter in the new 10s jst-xh connector the values you should get are 0v for ground and if the pack is at storage charge each pin away from ground needs to be plus 3.7v in sequential order. So the ground wire you dont need is the one that sits on the 6th cell in series.

One pack will be cells 1 thru 5 and the second pack will be cells 6 thru 10.

Ok I watched that video and it does look like he’s made a mistake. I cant fathom why he thought that one red wire was the ground for, in his case, the 4th cell in series. If that pack was wired correctly the red wire he clipped should be the 4th positive lead and the black wire next to it should be the ground on the 5th cell.

So why would that still work? Because with 8 cells in series that black wire connects to the 5th cell ground which would appear to be the 4th positive cell since they are all in series.

I hope I didnt just confuse the issue further. If you have a youtube account you could ask the uploader. I’ll post this video to the thread over on RCG for confirmation.

I’ve got a pic of 2 3s Airsoft packs I converted to 6s a while back. They had separate positive leads so I just soldered the positive of cells 1-3 to the negative of cells 4 thru 6 to make one main power lead and then moved all the pins to a 6s jst-xh connector.

The headscratcher in that video is when it comes to Hobbyking packs they are very consistent in using a black wire for ground even when its an 8s pack with two 4s jst-xh connectors. Measuring from the ground on the 5th cell to the ground on the 1st cell will still show 4s or 3.7v x 4 as all 8 cells are already wired in series.

In the pic I’ve uploaded its a black wire that was the ground wire on the 2nd pack thats been heat shrunk and taped back out of the way. You can just see it at the bottom of the pic.