Charging dock/stand

Hi has any one thought of making this into a charging dock? Just leave your board nice and neat and have it start to charge. Simple easy elegant.

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In my opinion its more practical the way we charge it now. We can charge it everywhere and take chargers with us.

But I agree it would look cool.

I am actually planning to integrate the charger into the housing. Then I will just pull out the AC plug and charge wherever. Has anyone else done that?

Wireless charging dock integrated in wallmount would be awesome. Proper grab nā€™ go.

I was thinking some magnets on the board and wall so it can just float.

with some support you can use really small ones just to hold it in place, with the weight on a hook of somekind


That was the idea grab and go

You could take this headhone stands as a nice example. Just gotta modify it a bit to run wires tho. The curve in it makes it nice for flex decks e.g Vanguard decks.

This DIY one also looks cool. Think this works best with laptop style chargers. Also easier to choose your own curve