Charging in Series and in Parallel Lipo Batteries


I Have 2x3s 8000mah connected in series and 2x3s 5000mah connected in series also. I want to connect them in parallel to get 6s 13000mah. If i wire the balance plug to one 6s plug, How safe it will be to charge them all at once?


It wont be, if they were the same MAH rating you could do it, would still be a little weird though. I’d match the ratings and get a BMS.

They must have the same capacity in order to connect them in series. In parallel they don’t have to be the same actually…

It is not advisable. Because then your 5Ah would be depleted and your 8Ah would still have juice. And same thing with charging them. 5Ah would be full and your charger would not stop charging because your 8Ah is not full yet.

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