Charging Lipos without disassemble entire board // Bms

Hey guys I finished my first build and after months trying out different things its finished and makes a lot of fun to ride. Currently Iam workin on a new build an e mountainbaord I will upload some photos when its finished. Now my question, I want to charge my batteries (in my case lipos) without having to disassemble my entire board to get to the batteries. I know there are bms systems for liion batteries and I found sth like that (

Is there a way to charge my lipos just with one cable I plug in at the outside and its chargin like a bought eboard for example? Or do I need liion batteries? Sry for my english.

Thanks for your help!

Yes, you an use a bms with lipos. I do with both my boards, it’s easy and there are a lot of tutorials on this forum. Just make sure you have the correct bms voltage wise and it can handle enough current

Thanks for your answer perfekt, in my case 4x 3s Lipos in series (12s) what bms do I need? How do I have wire the balance cables? What charger I have to buy?

Maybe someone can link me a tutorial I cant find sth or help me out a little bit! Thanks!!

just choose the one thread that fits your situation best :wink:

With the bestech d596 you good to go. 80A discharge and 20A charge. Make sure you get it set up for Lipos, not LiIon (Cut off voltage for lipos is higher!)

This is another good tutorial for use with lipos

I have the same set up I just ran my balance wire out and and waterproof them with rubber caps im my enclosure I wired them into 6s …and have a 12 s loop key from two 6s batts and a anti spark with a switch to turn on and off so don’t have two loop keys…i unplug the 12s loop key and charge with my hobby charger cause I had a good one from RC car racing days… I charge two 6s at once …I have 4x3s2p 90c 149 burst smc 7500 Batts takes 45 to hour to charge both pack at once on a speed charge 4to7amps bats don’t even get warmer then room temp according to my charger…nice slow charge is always better…but this is a good charger which will cost a bit to buy and it’s key to buy a really good balance charger for lipos or a good bms …which there is but pricy tho…my charger I have full control of my batterys temp …current… volt I can test a single cell for resistance I can watch it balance …and have storage modes for winter time and I find it’s just good to have a good balance charger to actually watch each cell of your lipos…as they are very finiky if you not familiar with lipos and very dangerous. buy a lipo bag to charge …and you should always check up on your lipos regularly to see if they have puffed at all. Cheers

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