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Charging on the go

do any of you guys recharge your battery once you reach a destination.

Re-charging your battery when you reach your destination is a good idea, especially if your using close to half the capacity to reach that destination. And as far as the charge cycle life of the battery, ½ a full charge only counts as ½ of a charge cycle off the battery’s life. So theres no harm done by frequent recharging.
What will harm lithium batteries is discharging them below 20%

so just keep the alarms on the battery?

If your using lipos, then its a good idea to use voltage alarm

considering it but for now a 6s lipo

If your using top quality lipos like Venom, set the alarm at 3.2
If your using economy lipos like Zippy, then set it a little higher like 3.4
In fact, I have a could Venom packs and right on the label it says minimum voltage 18 total for 6s
Venoms are pricey but there awesome packs.
I ran 2 6s 2500 25c packs in series for 12s and went 5.7 miles with speeds up to 25mph.
thats really good range for 2500 mah

dang!!! seriously!???

do you think i can run two 280kvs on a 6s

You can, however you will be pulling high amps which will cause more heat in the motors and Esc’s.
It would be better to put your 2 6s packs in series for 12s. You will increase power greatly while reducing current draw.
Only you will need a High Voltage Esc. Either a VESC or Torquesboard 12s Esc

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Here is a really nice voltage alarm thats inclosed. I use one on each pack.

thanks ill check out that voltage meter

I leave mine loose in the box connected to the batteries and I could still hear it beeping.

is it hard to charge the lipos?

like worrying about fires and such

Not if you do it correctly

balance the lipo always?

Be careful with voltage alarms like those. They draw power from one cell and will eventually unbalance your lipo.

Use a Balance charger that designed for lipos.
Always charge in balance mode, never fast charge mode.
Always charge at 1c rate which means you match the charging current with the amp hour capacity.
5000mah - charge at 5amps
2500 mah - charge at 2.5 amps
Set the capacity limit on the charger to match the packs capacity.
Don’t charge multiple packs in parallel even though you can. Its just not a good idea.
And for extra precaution, use a lipo fire safe bag. there cheap insurance.

alright thanks for that! :smile:

Haha really appreciate the help hopefully I got this and dont blow myself to the moon tmrw