Charging packs separately vs parallel

Hi! I was thinking about charging time on IMAXB6. So if i charge two 4s lipo packs together in parallel or charge them separately, both times with same amps. In both cases all together charging time for both batteries will be the same. I mean that charge them together or separately charging time will be the same?

Yes, but considering these are 4s batteries, you should charge them individually as charging them in parallel doesn’t balance them right.

Unless you buy a proper parallel balancing adaptor then no they won’t balance but even with the balance adaptor it can be a bit harder than buy a 8s charger and keeping them in series.

It’s always better to charge Lipo packs separately or 1P for short. You can get a dual bank charger for about $120 on Amazon that will charge both packs separately at the same time.

Thanx for info.