Charging port selection

Hey guys. Putting together a 12s8p battery. I am just trying to figure out the best charging port. I’ll be charging at 8 amps. Which charging port do you recommend? And is the male or female connector board side? Cheers guys!

You can use whatever port you want as long as it can pass 8A, but I’d probably recommend a GX16-4

with a rubber GX-16 cap

the metal caps absolutely suck, trust me. The rubber ones are awesome.

And I’d connect 2 pins together for negative, and two pins together for positive.


I really appreciate your response. Thanks for taking the time to help :smiley:

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Also what plug is on board side? Assuming male?

That link is both the male (board side)(with pins) and female (charger side)(with holes); five pairs.

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