Charging time seems loooong!

Yesterday I ran my new 10s6p almost flat (4% left). This morning 14 hours later its only 88% full. I think thats hell of a long time. Is that just the way it is (with the charger I have) or could there be an issue?

What would be a good upgraded charger? EDIT: if I want a bad mother fucker that can do tricks.


Battery: 10s6p Samsung 18650 30Q. Charger: Output 2A Battery cut off: start 32V end 30V Charged inside Need more info?

You have 18ah, there’s a good chance that charger isn’t delivering a full 2A so I would say it could be right, also if one P was higher than the rest it could slow down charging till the rest catch up and it wouldn’t hurt to double check wiring, make sure everything is solid Especially with large packs those chargers can get quite hot and lose efficiency, not to mention horribly skinny leads A true 2A charge with CC/CV for 18Ah should be about 12hrs


It shouldnt take longer than 10hr for that

The charging current decreases as you enter the cv phase, not sure what percentage you’re getting that at. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thanks - The p-groups were all balanced yesterday.

The charger doesn’t get particularly hot.

The connection is not a perfect fit, but I can’t imagine thats the issue?

I will run it flat again and try my other charger (the one that comes with my evolve).

Thats good to know.

Is it possible one is 2.1mm and the other 2.5mm ? It should slide all the way down

Are you using a BMS?

That could be possible. It dose not slide all the way down. Is not a perfect fit. Would that effect charging time?

Yes - Charge only

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How low, do you run your cells down ?

Battery cutoff end = 30V

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That is to low if you ask me… I run mine down to 35v max, and with voltage sag and when you hitting a hill they often run down arround 30v for short periode of time… Check that the cell voltage between the cells stil is spot on. Also you Will lose capacity a lot faster, when you run them down like this.

Looks 10S :wink:

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Double this and half your charge time.

Will do - ten

P-groups still spot on. We are now at 94% :slight_smile:

All the wiring seems solid.


Ok - I might fund the issue. I turns out that the plug is a tight fit and I was afraid to apply the force needed to make a proper connection. It was dangling and I had to secure with tape for it to not fall out. Its actually fits good. Lets see if that effects the time.

I use a 6a charger on my 13s5p, but my cutoff end is 3.35/cell Takes about 2.5 hours to charge, and musters around 40-45miles of range…

I don’t fully deplete mine (2.6v/cell) as after 3.35v on 30q the current falls off… Sure I could get alot more range, but…meh…

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I agree, and you expand you life of Q30 dramatically, if you stop before the big current / voltage drop comes…

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