Charging Zippies - Trampa Monster Box Enclosure


Still looking at battery solutions.

I am looking at the zippy option below. I just had one question about it.


If I were to purchase the Graupner Ultramat 18 charger.

Could I charge all of the batteries at once like this?


Thanks in advance

No it want. Get you a parallel charging board and you could though. That charger will only charge two 6s @ a time. Not two 12s’.

I don’t get how Trampa expect you to charge it. Are they expecting you to open the box each time you need to charge them batteries???

The monster box has openings with rubber grommets. You push the balance cables of the batteries through them in order to charge.

Check this video for details using their charger.

Thanks Taz,

So it would be like the below.

You would just plug the battery balance cables into the charger through the side of the monster box and wouldn’t need the XT90 cable from them? Sorry, I’m new to this.

So to charge all 4 zippies, you would need two chargers or to do 2 separate charges of 2 zippies at a time?



You need to connect to the XT90 connectors to charge. You have access to them via the loop wires on top of the monster box.

Have you considered a liion pack with a BMS? Although I have a few really powerful chargers that put the Graupner to shame, I opted for the ease of use of a LiIon pack.

So I could plug in like this then?? All 4 batteries into 1 charger? Or am I missing something?


Yea I’ve looked, I just want an easy solution to be honest.

Looking at their wiring diagram, you charge battery A then B? A and B consist of 2 batteries


`Another diagram. So I can plug XT90 of charger port A into the charger and the two balancer ports?

Then do charger B and the 2 balancer ports separately.


If you run of two 12S packs, each pack needs to be charged separately from tge other. Charge Pack A, then Pack B. When both packs are fully charged, you are good to plug in your loop wires. The new version of the monster box gives you the option to run each VESC of a separate 12S pack, or both VESCs of one big 12S pack. We will get a new charger soon. This will be able to charge two separate 12S packs simultaneously at 15A total charge current. It’s a sweat twin turbo charger with color display and built in 1500W power supply.

Cool cheers, I’m going to be running a focbox unity so will have both as one big 12s pack. Is new the 2018 model of the monster box?

Awsome when is the new charger appearing on your site? I’ll order all at once

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Type Ultra Power into search bar…

Got it cheers. Will put an order in tomorrow. Thanks

Its a super sweat charger. The 12S 22000mAh pack can be charged within 1,5hrs. Fast, silent, safe, easy to use.

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Looks sweet, do you recommend using it with the HRB over the zippies then?

It can charge any lipo, LiIon up to 12S. Since it is basically two chargers in one housing, you can charge two boards or two batteries within the same board. 1350W total power, 15A charge current max. It also detects when you plug in the balance cables in the wrong sort order (Balance cable A swapped with Balance cable B). The charger is quite compact and sturdy.

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