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let’s see how many we can get and then I’ll ask a quote. 10 is very limited amount for such part due to the level of details and the fact that these are milled out of a solid block of AL7075 etc…


Me want one


I’ll take a set right now to see if I can get some mounts to work with some of my trucks I have laying around…as it seem your gonna be a busy man and I’ll take another set for the outlaw Aera build when you get around to the rf-1 mount …so you can mark me for one set now or two Which ever and send me it later with the mount save shipping duties and exchange rates I’m Canadian we get the beats. But if this is only a one time thing then I want two…

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No, I didn’t even use a full battery cycle on rear wheel drive, the traction was too bad.

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I definitely want a set

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Yep keen for 2 pulleys And SR mounts when they’re done. :ok_hand:

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I’m updating the mounts to allow a perfect alignement of the pulley while still having a strong fit.

10 03 43



I’m interested in a set of pulleys

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Little move. Now printing the other symmetric side, put the idlers and I’ll get the job done.

IMG_6059 IMG_6058 IMG_6060


Just added the other mount for the dual 6374. Well it fits. Next step is to fit the idlers and we’re good to go.

IMG_6063 IMG_6062 IMG_6065


slowly the idlers come into place ! I wish I have more time.

IMG_6070 IMG_6067 IMG_6071


Update of the day. I’ve revisited some stuff which include the “snap in” part after getting the 3D printing parts. I’ve beefed up some areas and also re engineered the areas to host the idler bolts.04 25 03 20 34 49


I’ve just launched a new print for the full assembly and will report back.


Nice :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:

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Are you considering a link or bars across between the mounts?

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hey ! I can do anything, adding a bar like on my street mounts is super easy but the distance need to be perfect.

How many pulleys do you all need so I can start asking a quote to the supplier? could someone start to prepare a list on a shared spreadsheet ?


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Good point. Length should hopefully match across the 200mm SR RKP trucks - supposed to be precision… I’m keen to run dual 6374 as you have planned. Wheels just ordered. Assuming cost isn’t crazy, would be keen for 2 pulleys (and mounts etc). Don’t know how to set up a shared online spreadsheet, sorry. Cheers!

here :beers:


Looks like the mounts only work with the 200mm rkp’s? You think they’ll work on the 176s?

I think I want a set of pulleys and mounts, but it’s heavily price dependent! :wink: