Cheacheap ESC to get ? Flipsky dual fsesc 6.6 do not work

I have bought now 2 f***g dual Fsesc 6.6 from flipsky and both have stop working on one side after a couple ride and 1200$ later

Now im just broke AF…

Anyone know if there is a cheap vesc alternative for my 13s6p dual motor 170kv???

Since i would have to swap the esc’s more often than i ride … I cant beleive nothing esle can do it for cheaps .

I realy need some help getting my board working properly

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A spinted ubox, DV75/100, or stormcore 100D would had saved you. If you were using 13s on the fs 6.6, it probably burned out.

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FSESC 6.6 only work to 12S, not 13S. So you cannot use that battery with a FSESC 6.6.

Do you want cheap, or do you want good?

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A dual vesc ESC from Trampa is only $300 some thing? The speed controller is not somewhere to save $$. I fried a flipsky before i was done bench testing it for a friends board. Waste of ~$140 unless the board is for a child maybe.

I do not believe vesc is rated to 13s though.