Cheap 10S Balance Charger?

I’m looking for a somewhat affordable balance charger for my 10S setup.

I’m charging my board with of of these $20 42V 2A power brick chargers for ebikes which works well. For balancing I have a cheap ebay 10S BMS which I bypass for discharging. However the balancing is so incredibly slow its almost useless. Right now I prefer balancing the packs manually every once in a while to using that shitty BMS.

Is there an affordable 10S balance charger out there? The few hobby chargers I found were at least $130.

$130 for a 10s balance charger ? I’m surprised you found one that cheap! It would be cheaper to buy a good bms.

like which one? I’m going to bypass the bms for discharging anyway so I would only be interested in the charging/balancing part. I already thought about building my own one from tp4056 modules.

Why not go for a 150A BMS then?

Check out mine, works GREAT!

the only problem I have with those ones is that the voltage seems a bit high… 4.20-4.25 is not very healthy in the long run. I try to stay around 4.15V with all my cells

True, but maintaining a safe discharge level has more effect on cycle life than charging cutoff. You could just set your charger to output 4.15v/cell instead of 42v. Some chargers have potentiometers you can adjust for changing voltage.