Cheap 6" pneumatic wheel that fits normal trucks?

30$ per wheel

It’s for 8mm shaft, and I see that the hub is thinner then the abec 11 flywheel 83mm hub (penumatic is 33mm, flywheel is 45mm), so it should fit a normal truck, right?

Bearing to bearing distance needs to be 24mm. If you want 6inch pneumatics try my 3D printed hubs or get some from @psychotiller

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so the fact that the hubs are thinner than those of flywheels doesn’t mean that the bearing to bearing distance is also smaller?

edit: oh, 45 mm it’s the flywheels hub diameter not width

I would also think about how you would fit the pulley onto these hubs. I wouldnt trust these spokes for durability, If I were you.

Also the valve step sort of blocks one of the open spaces, so you would probably have to work around that too…

Though, if you are good with lathe or 3d printing, it might not be a problem…

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