Cheap 8s 20 A ESC

Building a small campus commute board. only running a 5065 motor with 8S batteries that will do 20A or so. (they were free). Looking for a ESC that is good for Eskate but less than 60$+ship.

Mini fsesc by flipsky


You’re not really going to find a vesc for that price but you could order one of the controller’s that is used in mass produced eboards. Those can be found on ebay and aliexpress, maybe amazon but they might not be as robust and or safe as a more expensive controller.


Wrong, you can get a flipsky 4.12 vesc which is actually pretty solid for only$50!


Wow, I’m actually very happy to have been proven wrong. I think I just found a new vesc for my penny board project. Thanks. :grin:


I’m using 2 on a AT hybrid style board and it’s been performing great with no issues! Just don’t go craze on the amp settings and you’ll be very pleased with it!

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those might be the older versions without the 47 ohm resistor fix implemented. if they are, its easy enough to fix the cutout issues by replacing it yourself

Edit: that was for the 4.20 mini fsesc, the link above is fine afaik

I belive the issues were only with the 4.20 versions not the 4.12.

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oh you know what, you were right. i didnt even think of that. i guess you can untag him, i was wrong mb.

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Just want to go on record saying that if the resistors on the 4.12 hardware were any larger than 4.7 ohms, the ESC would quite literally explode and burst into flames.

I love International Rectifier

Same goes for the 4.20, but with 47 ohm resistors. (We are cutting it extremely close with the dead-time insertion, I’m still worried about it.)


I got the flipsky 4.12 for 56$ from US warehouse. 49$ is from Russia.

Thanks guys!

Good to know lol. I didnt realize it was that different