CHEAP/affordable Custom Made 18650 battery packs for SALE, NEW CELLS! (can choose kind of cells, kind of wiring, how many cells, which setup/measurements)

You probably don’t understand what we want to tell you. We are just trying to help, to tell you that you can source the parts for cheaper. Not to sell it cheaper, just that you can get the parts for cheaper. This way, you can make more money or you can sell it cheaper. My post was just an example how YOU can do it for YOUR CUSTOMERS with minimal parts cost.

But okay, yell at us, be angry, thats the best way you can say “thanks for your advices”… Have a nice day.

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Youre right man,

thanks for the advice, ill take it into account’. I know i can find some stuff a little bit cheaper, but that would also extend the delivery time… cause the people i order from, bring me the stuff the next morning… But you are right, maybe with some googling i can find my parts a little bit cheaper.

Ain’'t angry, just felt a little attcked, and the boss bitching my ass off on the job isnt helping out too

This price isn’t bad, compared to what companies sell batteries for (350 euros for a space cell). As said before, though, you could make it cheaper/make more money out of it. You decide the final price, but when you do a list of the components try to find the best and cheapest option. I think in this forum people have no problem waiting a couple more days, since it’s pretty hard to get everything we need in a short time (I’ve been waiting for parts for 3 months now, I don’t even care anymore when will they arrive, I’m waiting for summer) but they often care about price, if that can be lowered. You can even keep the price (it’s still good) and make more money, so you may be able to afford your own spot welder and have less problems in the future. This service is really needed in Europe, you shouldn’t have problems to sell. Before the last Europe big group buy the only pre-built liion packs I had seen were just from another little group buy. No producers, no sellers. Keep up the good work and you’ll find success

90% of building DIY eskate is waiting for parts :wink: We’re all pretty used to it by now.


Thanks man, i will do some research… but i rather get the battery pack out of the door shipped like 2-4 weeks after you guys ordered it… Then earning 20 bucks more myself, but having a does customers waiting for months.[quote=“SirDiff, post:23, topic:15944”] This price isn’t bad, compared to what companies sell batteries for (350 euros for a space cell) [/quote] thanks man, finally someone who does appreciate. I hope you are right, that many customers may follow. I already ordered everything for 3 boards, received everything in 1 month and build them in like 4 months… I prefer being able to finish my builds, then finding a little bit cheaper parts, but having to wait monthhhsss… Fast service=good service, i hate waiting for summer XD in summertime we have to hunt on girls, and cruise around on the eboard, instead of building eboards in summertime xd

nkon ships batteries fast, I ged them under 1 week time :slight_smile: All of them were the same voltage, 3.51V if I remember correctly.


You realize that when someone finds out about this he faces serious trouble? How can one not mention this? This type of “work” is ok to do for friends and in very small quantities. The most important part is that there is no intention to actually make any money out of it. As soon as that changes you are required to file for all the necessary legal documents, provide receipts and warranties. Maybe he has and just doesn’t call him a company. I don’t know.

Also I find your post highly offensive…

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If he sells like 10 batteries a year to friends / community around there and noone reports him, he will be fine and noone will care. If you told this to ollin, jason etc. I would understand it, but for a guy who is trying to help and get little money out of it…

But ollin and enertion are registered companies - so I don’t understand that comparison. Also the quantity in itself does not matter.

You are right, from the law point of view, it does not… I compared him to Enertion and Ollin cause these are great definition of a “company” or “business” and you expect them to be registered, not someone like him. Don’t tell me you never sold something to someone and not paid a tax.

That is the point I am trying to make: there is a difference between a one time thing or an actual “business model”. He specializes in battery manufacturing, offering his services on a public forum and openly talking about the intention to make a profit - that is risky. I am not saying that I judge him for it - but people should know what they are dealing with here. And as I also said: maybe he is registered. I don’t know and this is all speculation.

Just let the guy sell batteries!

That is all he is trying to do. Either you’re in Europe and need a battery pack or not.

If you don’t like his total price then move along.

I don’t know why people are questioning his profit margins and taxes.


Hi Thank you again for helping others building batteries. I am sure many europeans will be happy to do business with you. I fully understand that you feel attacked by people on this forum, but I think that they want to help - just as you want to help. I think that it is important to keep a good tone when communicating to costumers. Maybe some people will choose not to buy a product if they feel ill treated. Without sounding too much like Ghandi I would advise you to treat others like you want to be treated yourself. I think all of you may just misunderstand each others intentions.

About your battery packs, I think your price seems fair. I think it is totally fine that you earn money on the service you are giving. Maybe I will place an order some time.

I think this is bullshit. No offense but there’s something odd. also heres your custom motor mount Also the pictures of the batteries are from a chinese factory.

If you need money go look for partners and pitch you’re idea to them. However you do need a business plan, pitching skills, contracts and a way to make a profit (which you can since you will order in bulk).

Picture 5 is from Picture 3 is from Picture 6 is from

Seems weird not to show pictures of your actual work and instead use googled images.

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C’mon guys calm down. In my previuos group buys I also posted some pictures found on the internet to give one idea of the product. This is normal when you still havent built it. For ex.

Not going to lie…it does all seem fishey when you add two and two together

He said that those pics are from packs he has made in the past.

DIY4life said -> Once im back at home, i’ll upload some more fotos of the finished battery packs made in the past. These are a few i found on my old pc. The new packs look even cleaner xd getting skilled

But it seems fishy to me since he said he CNC’s the mounts at work?? mabye he is the ebay seller mabye it is his design? just something seems off