Cheap Affordable Enclosures

Vacuuming machines are super cheap, you can use those for AC units, like 40$ , you will spend more on the vacuuming materials than on the whole pump

@bigben could make you an enclosure

id be interested if you could do a top mounted duel max6 esc enclosure?

just seen the dont buy fro charster thread. no reply from him to it in months even tho hes tagged multiple times.looks shady af


same problem here, making a vacuum machine is quite ez but why waste that money on something you will only use 1 or 2 times. The most problematic part is the heater anyway. Buying is most of the time cheaper and faster

Dont lie :smiley: Noone would buy those decks :smiley: :smiley: Maybe 1 or 2 ppl, but certainly not 20 :wink: Just mention ppl, who bought them from you :slight_smile: I guess there will be noone from this forum :slight_smile:

Sorry for being toxic, I am just not sure, that you are legit :wink: You will ahve to prove me :slight_smile:


Referring to your original comment about “a bit of plastic” and the price being high…

You’re not paying for material, you’re paying for design hours and manufacturing time. Material costs are negligible in a niche market like eSK8.

Scale up production for a market that wants the enclosures by the thousand and that’s a different matter… !

I didn’t come onto this forum for months because things happened in my personal life

I haven’t had any bad votes so far…I wonder why. Maybe because I don’t scam anyone and I’m actually genuine but because one person didn’t recieve there order everyone thinks I’m a scammer

@Charster10 I will ask you again :slight_smile: Can U give us a proof, that you are not scammer? Like name of somone from this forum who bought a deck from you? You said you had sold like 20 of them so I guess there must be somone :wink:

@ACIN @Trans-amers as an example Both bought decks

You said 20?

20 was an exaggeration but there are a few more on here that bought them, others were on eBay and gumtree

Still w8ing for @ACIN and @Trans-amers to confirm that :wink:


yes i did bought a deck from him he is from the uk right?


After you actually try to make a few molds and enclosures and realize how much work it is I’m pretty sure you will either raise your prices higher than mine or just give up. But have fun.


Thank you man :wink:



Either as an enclosure (you can stack 2 together to make it stronger) or as a mold to build your custom enclosure out of fiberglass or CF.


I’ve already made the moulds, they only took a couple hours and I have the plastic ready so I don’t think I will be